We too, like water flowing, we are wayfarers in search of a sea..

..Juan Baladàn Gadeafeather

Marina 77 believes that..

Passion for the sea experience manifests as the instinctive tendency to perfection of services and customer orientation. Transparency, efficiency, effectiveness, accuracy and methodological reliability of activity planning, are values that translate in the achievement of optimal results. Continuous improvement is a widespread culture in the working team in a perspective of constant innovation.

We focus on the person and the sea

The neophyte


who starts looking at the horizon but still keeps an eye on the ground wishing a continuous and solid feeling of reliability and safety;

The expert shipowner

expert shipowner

who wishes to express himself through his boat, translating into practice the ideas, passion for innovation, the vocation for comfort and style;

The enthusiast


who chooses the sea because it gives him the opportunity to look beyond, to discover new worlds, new experiences, to overcome all boundaries.